Department of patents and trademarks of the USA registered the request of the Apple company for the technology of identification of the personality through an iPhone. The Insider Apple portal reported it.

It is supposed that the technology will allow using the smartphone instead of the passport. The idea is built on the transmission of the ciphered data of the owner from the protected storage to the organ requesting information.

The company plans to transmit information from a gadget by means of technology of radio frequency identification — for example, through NFC which is already used on the majority of smartphones. As envisioned by developers, protection against illegal access to data will be provided by technologies of biometric verification Touch ID and Face ID.

At the concept there is a wide scope of application: as for the private companies (for example, in conducting system for employees), and the states (will be able to realize it in case of passport control).

Issuer emphasizes that Apple weekly sends a set of requests to the patent department, but only a few from the developed technologies are implemented in the final products of the company.