As you may already know Google has presented a fresh design for Chrome but apart from that there is another additional feature that is undoubtedly worth mentioning. The thing is that from now on Chrome will suggest you come up with a random password whenever you are getting on the site for the first time. All the passwords will be stored on your Google Account and can be easily synced with desktop and mobile versions.

The sole purpose of this innovation is to keep the customers safe when anything wrong happens to the sire they are signed up for. Even though the change was more than welcome, it is still up to you whether to try it out or not. The thing is that the feature allows you to store the password inside the browser.

It should be mentioned that such a decision made by Google will trigger a lot of fuss around the best password choices. Some sources say that a phrase easy to remember should be used, while other experts say that random password with unique characters is more than enough. In either case, such passwords will be pretty difficult to crack, and that is undoubtedly a good thing. Until the era of quantum comping hasn’t begun, we are going to be safe with such password management, and when it hits, we are that passwords will be no longer needed.