While Samsung trolls Apple, Huawei trolls Samsung, specifying that supposedly Galaxy Note9 is insufficiently innovative: where is the triple camera or new processor? At the same time, the Chinese vendor hints that Huawei Mate 20 will receive the branded Kirin 980 processor which will probably become the first 7-nanometer rule in a pattern.

The matter is that Kirin 980 will use a new design of Cortex-A76 from the ARM. This processor declared in May will introduce the 7-nanometer process of FinFET in devices for the mass market. By the way, the same Cortex-A76 will be used for the release of notebooks on the basis of ARM within the next two years.

However, not all kernels in Kirin 980 will be the Cortex-A76 type. The eight-nuclear chip will receive four kernels of Cortex-A76 and four energy efficient kernels of Cortex-A55. What kind of technical process will be the cornerstone of the last, is still unknown.

It is expected that Huawei Mate 20 Pro will receive three cameras inherited from Huawei P20 Pro and also the AI and GPU Turbo expanded functions. The announcement of the device will probably take place on IFA in several weeks. Top Happy Anniversary Images presented by users of Lequzhai website