We will begin with the fact that it happens regularly and to the most different brands. In 2016 Huawei published the picture which is allegedly taken on Huawei P9 but then it turned out that it is made on the professional equipment worth 4500 dollars. Then there was a scandal with HTC: the Taiwan vendor of smartphones advanced the new U11 smartphone, using others photos, besides made on the mirror camera.

And now Samsung made the same. On Twitter, the photo which is allegedly made on the double Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) front-facing camera was published. Afterward, it turned out that this is stock photo of 2015. Then the company published one more stock photo, saying it was the selfie made by a smartphone. Two photos cost Samsung $998.

The user of Twitter with a nickname @feliperas exposed Samsung. After a while, the company responded that supposedly he misunderstood everything and this photo is not a selfie made on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), and just the picture “reflecting the mood of our target audience”.