Physics could determine the helium atomic nucleus size in the course of a quantum saltus.

The experiment which was made by the Dutch scientists is very important. It explains communication of all elementary particles in the Universe.  There are a lot of defects, and similar experiments will help to remove them.

Ultracold gas and the ultraprecise laser was necessary for an experiment. Thanks to it it was succeeded to record the energetic change in process of a Saltus by which determined the diameter of a kernel. Attempts to make similar are made not the first year, therefore, achievement of the Dutch scientists is a very big breakthrough.

“This is a very important event for quantum physics. Thanks to it we can expand our knowledge not only of atoms but also of time and space” — Maarten Hugerland from the University of Auckland says looking at gorillaz wallpapers. According to the scientist, a successful experiment is a big step forward in the course of enhancement of Standard model by lequzhai.