Ten years after it came to this world, the revolutionary digital technology blockchain keeps soaring its way in unexpected and expected places. A great number of analysts don’t demonstrate enthusiasm as for the benefits of blockchain. Nevertheless, the interest keeps soaring, even amidst governmental projects.

However, some industries are already in the process of implementing blockchain and deriving all the advantages of its numerous applications. One of these industries is represented by gambling.

However, before talking about crypto and gambling joints, let’s view some convincing examples of how this technology is utilized in other areas.

Blockchain: how it’s used

Poker and social media came closer last year after Xu Ke gave birth to the first social media network built around blockchain. After that, a 24-year-old Chinese businesswoman jumped with both feet into the cryptocurrency world via poker buddies and later utilized her mining as well as poker gains to make the trading game CryptoDogs. Then, the funds raised via CryptoDogs were used to make an investment in a blockchain social media network providing its users with an equal say in how to have the platform managed, Ono.

Switzerland turns out to be a leader when it comes to democracy. In this country, public participation has always been in focus. There’s no wonder one of the Swiss cities has already implemented blockchain in everyday life – local voting built around blockchain. It occurred in the crypto capital of this Scandinavian country, Zug. The city provided its inhabitants with electronic IDs enabling them to take part in local elections.

Malta happened to be another European state that dared to experiment with blockchain for several years. This country’s cabinet revealed in 2019 that all the educational certificates in the country will be based on blockchain. The given move preceded by two years of testing among several reputable institutions. The move assisted to cut bureaucracy and also made learners’ private data more secure.

Crypto and gambling joints

While the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency enjoy a mind-blowing triumph of acceptance worldwide, the gambling world has been remaining cautious enough in this regard. A number of small Internet gambling joints, in particular, canadian online slots accept cryptocurrency, although the key players haven’t done it yet. Some gambling enthusiasts appreciate the idea of a merger of blockchain and gambling, as they expect enhanced privacy and safety, not to mention low processing fees.