Engineers from Duke Robotics Inc. last year showed the flying assassin. The quadrocopter TIKAD is incapable to shot weddings or to take effective selfies, but easily launches missiles in the enemy. The drones are equipped with warheads with laser targeting by AGM-114 Hellfire and blow up heavy machinery from distance 2 kilometers.

But on anti-tank options, the arsenal of TIKAD doesn’t come to an end. Quadrocopters show quite a good result with a rapid-fire weapon and sniper rifles. Developers constructed the flying soldier in such a way that that withstood on itself a load up to 18 kilograms. It is quite enough to lift both an assault rifle and large-caliber Barrett M82 in the air. However, so far the drone not always copes with the powerful return of such a weapon. After a shot from a sniper rifle, the device loses aiming, thereby losing the chance of the second shot. Missile installations are deprived of similar cons and can become the main weapon of TIKAD.

The high-speed drone armed with a long-range weapon will become the ideal murderer who isn’t leaving a mark. In 2015 Duke Robotics Inc. signed the agreement on arms with the army of Israel with drones. To save the life of soldiers, using UAVs, remains the main goal of creators of TIKAD. The government of Taiwan was so inspired by the progress of drones that guaranteed engineers support. For army, there are prepared the UAVs armed with the T91 assault rifle and three 40-millimeter grenade launchers. Causes concerns that drones can pass through fingers of armies, having appeared in tenacious paws of terrorists. Star Images courtesy of