The cryptocurrency market with a turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars is extremely attractive for large entrepreneurs of the hip-hop world. Earlier this year, the son of the rap legend Old Dirty Bastard from the legendary Wu-Tang band, began working with Link Media Partners on the creation of the Dirty Coin cryptocurrency. Fans will be able to spend digital tokens at their discretion, including tickets and paraphernalia.

According to, back in 2014, the hip-hop pioneer Nas became an investor in the Coinbase crypto-exchange, which is so popular today. At present, the post-investment valuation of the company is $1.6 billion, and the number of users has reached 13 million.

As well as representatives of hip-hop seek to join this side of the financial sector, there is a reverse process: art is not alien to entrepreneurs, given the enormous potential of the genre, not only musically, but also emotionally. The problem is that most of those who come from Fintech arenas, as a rule, have little or no knowledge about the hip-hop community and, thus, are doomed to failure.