Recently, the technique used to predict hurricanes and storms forecasters have become more accurate, but there is always something to strive for. At the moment, researches are being conducted by Georgia University scientists, which are aimed at improving the accuracy of forecasting by inculcating marine robots and underwater flying objects into the ocean.

A good example of how quickly storms can change the intensity we saw in 2018, during the hurricane season. Scientists promised that Hurricane Florence would be the strongest hurricane and it was given 5 points, but ultimately this force of nature attacked North Carolina with a force of only 1 point. But on the other hand, Hurricane Michael decided differently and grew from category 1 into a huge destructive natural phenomenon of category 5.

As for underwater technology, the ocean is the place for their expanse. Usually, underwater robots are equipped with sensors for more convenient work and collecting oceanographic information. The functioning of these robots is aimed at measuring salinity and water temperature. Robots from time to time float to the surface once a week or a month to transfer the received information from the depths of the sea.