There are many problems with security in Windows 10, but if you are using this system, you should know about another bug connected with UWP. By using this exploit, hackers can access the hard drive of your device and steal files in a way you would not even notice.

UWP apps usually run in the sandbox mode so they cannot access your files and folders. However, by using the broadFileSystemAccess API, it is possible to allow apps to access the files on the hard drive. It is necessary to work with files by using 3rd-party apps.

When apps use this API and want to edit, open or change the files on your PC, there should be notifications and security prompts that help you notice if the app wants to do something wrong. However, because of a bug, there are no any alerts and asking for permission.

By using this bug, apps can open, edit, and save the files and the user doesn’t even notice it. To get rid of this bug, you should install the latest version of Windows 10 October Updates. If you don’t install it, your device could be a victim of this bug and its data may be stolen by hackers. To do it, just open the Update settings and find the option to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.