Lots of people use a VPN nowadays. It provides great benefits and adds an extra layer of protection to the data and personal information. However, it’s also known to slow down the speeds and can greatly influence the overall performance. Yet, some gamers use a VPN. Is it such an important element for a gamer? Let’s find out.

Top 5 reasons you need to start using a VPN when playing online games

If you like playing games online, you might greatly benefit from using a VPN. First of all, because it unblocks websites that are restricted due to your location. Using servers from other regions you will enjoy the games which weren’t available to you.

Moreover, you can download games which weren’t released in your country yet but are already sold in another country. You’ll be one of the first people to try it if you get a gaming VPN for PC. You should also mind that a gaming VPN can differ from the regular one. These providers are focused on delivering excellent speeds and lowering the latency. As a result, you’ll not only avoid slowing down but will improve your performance.

You may start using a VPN in order to prevent DDoS attacks from your opponents. It’s an especially helpful feature if you compete in some important tournaments. This will help you be ready for these unexpected events and protect your personal data.

Just like most of the providers, your data will be encrypted and protected from everyone else. This can come in handy even if you are not playing games. You can also set it up on the router and cover all devices in your household with one account.

Finally, the independent tests have also proved that VPN servers which were devoted to gaming have a faster connection and lower the latency. This can greatly improve your gaming performance and help you get better results.

VPN providers that are perfect for these needs

If you need a VPN for some other reasons aside from gaming, you must get ExpressVPN. This is probably the best provider overall. It’s huge and maintains thousands of servers in over 140 locations worldwide. Moreover, it unblocks Netflix and other streaming services, works on Kodi, delivers a high level of protection, etc. However, you should mind that it’s not the cheapest one. The price is a bit higher than the average.

Another great option which is most suitable for gaming is VyprVPN. This provider is much smaller and has only 700 servers. On the other hand, it has a great spread allowing you to use servers from over 70 countries. It’s also perfect for gaming since it delivers super-fast speeds.