The cryptocurrency mining industry has reached incredible popularity for the last time. Today it is not just another amusement for enthusiasts, but a real business. Developers of applications for mobile devices, certainly couldn’t neglect such a powerful trend. Today we will talk about how cryptocurrency mining takes place on a smartphone.

Smartphone crypto mining: what is it?

The complexity of mining increases every day because of the intricate algorithms. The network of each cryptocurrency requires more and more units of processors to enhance decentralization. Initially, crypto mining was possible only with the help of central and graphics processors. A bit later specialized devices, ASIC miners joined that list. For many months all this leads to a shortage of equipment and it’s not only about video cards but also about APUs and motherboards. Every day it’s getting harder to get down to mining. What’s more, it’s become more expensive. Now to derive regular profits, a PC with a video card of the middle class isn’t enough. Instead, now it requires expensive equipment that makes noise, takes up space and produces a great deal of heat. However, it won’t prevent you from installing Ubiq wallet on your smartphone.

Nevertheless, it’s quite possible to try out crypto mining without investments. For this purpose, the app stores offer many products from different developers. Of course, mining Bitcoin on a smartphone can hardly be real, but you can try to mine altcoins. The only thing that needs to be clarified is whether it makes sense to use the computing power of the smartphone for such tasks and whether it will be possible to continue using the device during mining.

How it works

Technically, mining on a smartphone doesn’t differ from mining on a computer using video cards or a central processor. The whole procedure is absolutely identical and the only difference is the power of the devices, which is certainly low for mobile phones. Thus, mining on iOS and Android is possible for those digital coins, under the algorithms of which miners have already been developed. New applications keep showing up, and the list of supported algorithms is extending.

Due to the limited hardware resources of smartphones, additional configuration during mining is not required. All the user has to do is to launch the downloaded application and specify the required data in it. The number of options may vary depending on the application and the setting each of them differs in complexity.