Web design is going through a lot of changes right now, and illustration adds up to the list. The thing is that even though it may seem otherwise, the illustration itself grants designers lots of advantages and that is why we decide to bring up some of the most recent illustration trends to prove the point.

  1. Complex interplays

Very often, in order to come with the perfection, you need to experiment a lot. That is why these days the notion of complex interplays becomes more than trendy. Experienced designers, play around with gradients and opacity until they reach perfection.

  1. Abstraction in everything

Whether you like it or not but there are notions that you can’t show clearly with the help of a photograph or an image but you need to not only describe it but also bring it to the audience in such a way that everything is understandable. What shall you do? The answer is simple – use abstract illustration!

  1. Bubbly is back

From the outline into headers, that is what a bubbly is going through. Such an illustration makes things a lot more interesting not to mention attractive to the average user, and that is what makes illustration world so great!